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What Is a Podiatrist's Job Description?

Podiatrists are medical professionals who play a vital role in foot and ankle health. Their primary focus is diagnosing, treating, and preventing various conditions related to the foot and ankle. From routine checkups to complex surgeries, a podiatrist’s responsibilities encompass a variety of tasks. Podiatrists assess patients' foot and ankle health, conduct thorough examinations, and utilize diagnostic tools to identify issues. They provide personalized treatment plans, including medication, physical therapy, orthotics, and surgical interventions when necessary. As experts in their field, podiatrists are dedicated to ensuring optimal foot health and aiding patients in maintaining mobility, comfort, and overall well-being. If you are interested in pursuing the field of podiatry as a profession, it is suggested that you speak with this type of doctor who can help you make an informed decision about this career choice. 

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What Is a Podiatrist?

Someone would seek the care of a podiatrist if they have suffered a foot injury or have common foot ailments such as heal spurs, bunions, arch problems, deformities, ingrown toenails, corns, foot and ankle problems, etc.

Podiatric Treatment

A podiatrist will treat the problematic areas of the feet, ankle or lower leg by prescribing the following:

  • Physical therapy
  • Drugs
  • Orthotic inserts or soles
  • Surgery on lower extremity fractures

A common podiatric procedure a podiatrist will use is a scanner or force plate which will allow the podiatrist to know the designs of orthotics. Patients are then told to follow a series of tasks to complete the treatment. The computer will scan the foot a see which areas show weight distribution and pressure points. The podiatrist will read the analysis and then determine which treatment plans are available.

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