Have you ever thought to yourself “Maybe I should go to the Doctor”? We all have. These thoughts run through our mind when we think that we could be sick or have an injury. The thoughts of running to your Doctor is no different when it comes to your feet. You stand on them throughout the day and use them to walk around so you have every right to be concerned about their health. The question is – when does a podiatrist visit become necessary?
Some old fashioned self-analysis comes into the works here.
Imagine for a moment that you had a kick ball game with your friends yesterday. You did a lot of running and kicking that made your feet hurt a little bit. However, this morning when you woke up it felt ten times worse than yesterday when it actually happened. You have a couple options to choose from at this point. The first option is to stay off of your feet for a little while or maybe ice them down. Still hurt? Take a pain reliever of your choice. keep this pace as needed.
After a few days, you notice the pain in your feet from playing kickball isn’t reducing very much. It may even be getting worse. At this time it would be wise to make a podiatrist visit. If you’re local then your Wheat Ridge Podiatrist will do.
Here is another scenario. It’s Monday morning and you’re late for work. Frantically running through your house to accomplish morning duties before having to leave for the day. Out of nowhere while you’re running to grab your car keys you stub your toe on a dresser. Ouch! Did you break something? You may have. You proceed with the same steps from the last scenario but in this case, you feel a lot better. After a couple days of staying off of your feet and applying an ice pack to your toe when needed your feet don’t hurt anymore! Considering there isn’t toe pain anymore a visit to your podiatrist wouldn’t be necessary but it wouldn’t hurt to call them just to be safe.
If you have been putting off treatment of pain in your feet or just have questions give us a call at (303) 422-6043. We are always here to help!