If You’re Serious About a Football Career, Get Serious About Podiatry

If you’re currently in high school or college and you participate in football, you should be developing a relationship with your podiatrist. Such a physical and demanding sport like football can put your feet and ankles at high risk for injury. If you are a coach, it is also important to have a connection with a podiatrist, who can help with your athletes’ foot health.

Injuries and Prevention

Numerous injuries can happen in football. If you develop a relationship with a podiatrist, they will be aware that your feet and ankles are at high risk. Therefore, they can monitor your health, inform you, and also diagnose and treat you if an injury does occur. Injuries such as sprains, strains, Achilles tendonitis, and turf toe, can all be healed faster with proper treatments that your podiatrist provides. Quick and proper recovery helps the athlete get out on the field sooner, and still have the same mobility they had had before. Stay in touch with a podiatrist for help on how to reduce the risk of injury and for treatments when an injury does occur.

Specialized Help

A podiatrist is specialized in understanding how the foot and ankle work. Therefore, they can guide you in choosing the right foot wear and prescribing custom orthotics. Just because the cleats you picked out in the store say they are your right size, finding the proper footwear goes beyond that, especially in sports. For example, arch support is key in a shoe. For those who suffer from flat feet (fallen arches), a podiatrist can help fit you into orthotics that you simply slide into the shoe. This alone will greatly reduce foot fatigue and aching. Trust the professionals and get specialized care.

Additional Support

In addition to preventing injury, treating injuries, and specialized help, your podiatrist will more often than not act as a guide and positive reinforcement. Podiatrists promote living active lifestyles, even if the athlete is in recovery. They do this by creating adaptive training and exercises for you, whether you are simply wanting to strengthen your foot and ankle or if you are in recovery. Podiatrists will monitor how much strain you put on your feet and ankles and make sure it is a healthy and safe amount. All in all, you could consider a podiatrist your personal cheerleader!

If the game is important to you, your feet should be too. You can’t kick a game winning field goal without them. Develop a relationship with a podiatrist to ensure the health of your feet and ankles, which in turns will keep you doing what you love: football.