Ingrown toenails on anyone no matter our age become painful. This pain can start immediately when the ingrown toenail begins to grow or worsen over time. The best route is to have them treated from the get-go.
An ingrown toenail is a condition where your nail actually grows directly into the soft part of your flesh instead of regularly sprouting. You can read more about ingrown toenails.

Ingrown toenails affecting daily life

The side effects from ingrown toenails include redness, swelling, and variations of pain. The term variations of pain are used because the actual jab into your skin from the nail isn’t the only pain that will occur. People who have ingrown toenails complain of discomfort while wearing shoes. Shoes made for sports that have a tighter fit can be worse. This is because every time you take a step and your toes even lightly press up against the top part of the shoe it can result in pain. As you guessed it that pain is coming straight from the ingrown toenail.
An ingrown toenail that goes untreated can lead to new symptoms. This is also when seeing a doctor becomes highly recommended. The new symptoms that develop for an untreated ingrown include redness or pus and extreme discomfort. Which is in line with the initial symptoms of an ingrown toenail. If you’ve been keeping up with our recent articles you know all about the infected tissue, swelling, and redness that this painful toe condition can bring.
In some cases of an untreated ingrown toenail, the condition can lead to a bone infection. Again that is if the ingrown toenail goes untreated or unnoticed for periods of time.
People who have diabetes are at a greater risk for complications from ingrown toenails. The ingrown toenail can then result into nerve damage and decreased/poor blood flow.

Take action on ingrown nails

A call and visit to your doctor is all it takes to diagnose a new ingrown toenail considering the symptoms you’re having. The importance of seeking medical attention for any kind of foot condition is important and that importance doesn’t stop with ingrown toenails. A lot of time the home remedies you read about online and the ones that are even seen on our own blog are the first steps to healing conditions. Or steps to help heal after visiting your doctor officially. They are in no way the stepping ground for treating conditions that can become life-threatening in the future, infections can do that. Maybe that is over exaggerated a little bit but we can not stress enough on the fact that if something is bothering you on your feet that seeking the help of a podiatrist is always the right thing to do.
And if you’re thinking “what if it turns out to be nothing.”. The uncertainty of what if when we deal with foot conditions is exactly what you should visit your local podiatrist for concerning foot conditions like an ingrown toenail. Aside from that, it’s always better to be safe than sorry with these bothersome symptoms.
Without further elaborating on our point of treating ingrown toenails for a better life you can call our office at (303) 422-6043 to have your toenails looked at by our team. Or save time by scheduling online at