If your feet aren’t working properly then chances are you won’t be performing at your best. Health conditions could be the source but we want to talk about footwear today. You don’t need to be Super Bowl MVP Von Miller to know that the right shoes can determine your performance. Countless brands and advertisements to steer you in the direction of hype is cool for lifestyle footwear but not so much athletic footwear. Get ready because here is the Table Mountain Foot and Ankle take on athletic footwear.
Footwear for Basketball
Basketball movements include quick pivots of the foot, jumping, and running. Correct footwear can help basketball players avoid ankle and foot injuries. Correct footwear can also help basketball players shoot more 3’s.

  • Pick soles that provide traction and that are firm
  • At your local Foot Locker or Finishline use their in store Brannock Device to determine if you need something wide or narrow
  • Once you feel like you have found your shoe try it on to make sure it’s snug and take a few running steps too

Basketball footwear brands offer some of the most stylish and innovative designs when compared to other sports. It’s up to you whether or not you want high top or mid top basketball shoes. High tops will obviously provide more protection but come with a few minor movement restrictions.
Footwear for Football
Choosing football cleats at any level of a profession is almost always inspired by the endorsements happening in the NFL. Instead of worrying about what Cam Newton is wearing on the field it’s in your best interest as an athlete to test different types of footwear for yourself before coming to a final decision.

  • When buying cleats as a parent or coach for youth teams you should make sure that the fit is snug
  • For wide receivers and running backs low cut/lightweight cleats will be your best friend
  • Consider leather materials that will breathe a lot better than other football cleat materials

Some high school football players and NFL teams keep multiple pairs of cleats to transition through which is a good idea to preserve them. Avoid walking on concrete surfaces as well since this can wear down the cleat bottoms resulting in a flawed performance on the field.
Footwear for Track and Field 
Finding a pair of track spikes that will be right for you is a little more particular than other sports. Events and age rule the ultimate choice of footwear for the track. Across the line track footwear becomes a matter of pure preference and opinion varying from athlete to athlete. With that in mind, choose what feels best for you.

  • Decide whether or not you will be wearing your spikes with or without socks, even small cushion from a pair of socks may throw off how the shoe fits
  • Distance spikes for cross country are different from track spikes mostly in weight so it’s good to know what type of running will be done beforehand
  • First-time runners can find bargains on track spikes since they don’t require the best and latest that some experienced runners might

After you have done a few events your spikes will wear down and it is important to replace them. Just like football cleats don’t wear them on concrete because that will wear them down faster than anything. The right spikes will determine your speed in a race so make sure to choose wisely.
Footwear for Volleyball
Veteran volleyball players know there are two main footwear brands for their sport which are Asics and Mizuno. Just like we mentioned with football cleats, volleyball footwear follows the same material methods. Asics volleyball shoes are mostly made of mesh and provide breathable fabrics and Mizuno makes leather volleyball shoes that tend to be more durable. With leather, you do lose some of that air flow you need as an athlete.

  • Find your cushion level of preference when shopping around for volleyball footwear
  • If you don’t settle with the volleyball strict footwear lines you can expand into basketball shoes that fit similarly for you
  • Remember that Mizuno is known for long-lasting quality, Asics for wide range of options and Adidas for a mix of everything though a little more high-end

From the brands of volleyball shoes, we have mentioned prices range from $70-$200 per pair. Any veteran player understands the investment of footwear is no issue when performance is at stake.

How will your footwear affect your sport? While we’re on the note of footwear if you have any foot or ankle injuries from bad footwear give us a call at (303) 422-6043 and we will schedule you an appointment!