MLS is short for Multiwave Locked System therapy laser. It is an alternative treatment to medications and surgery and is FDA approved and cleared. Its design is made to effectively and simultaneously diminish pain areas, inflammation, contracture, and edema by using its infrared wavelengths.
Basically, MLS synchronizes its therapeutic effects to happen at the same time but to also reinforce itself throughout the process. The MLS laser can be described as a ‘pulse’ that has timed emissions in order to give the patient optimal therapy.

Pros of MLS

This laser therapy is ahead of the early generation Class IV technology. MLS Laser Therapy is able to bring controlled laser energy, which is what other therapies can lack. This feature creates room for more accuracy, thus the patient gets more out of each visit. Another notable outcome of the accuracy MLS is capable of is that the results will be consistent and can be repeated.
MLS Laser Therapy is also FDA approved and completely safe. This particular laser therapy does not cause thermal damage due to its unique design. Also, this laser therapy is completely non-invasive.
MLS is also a very quick process, as those with acute pain heal after only one or two sessions, and most patients after three sessions feel relief.
Those with more severe pain need about seven to ten sessions, although it all depends on the goals of the treatment. Compared to other laser therapies or alternative methods, MLS is a very quick and efficient therapy laser.
Overall, MLS Laser Therapy is a serious option to consider for those struggling with chronic pain, even chronic foot pain. Medicine and surgery is not always the answer, so MLS is an option to explore. Injections and heavy medicines can really be the last thing someone wants.
MLS also reduces the risk of scarring from surgery, and with laser therapy, you recover much quicker anyway. MLS is an efficient and accurate laser therapy, therefore the patient can look forward to results.

Treatment for Foot Pain

The MLS Laser Therapy offers an alternative treatment method for those struggling with chronic foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis or arthritis (although all sorts of conditions also fall under treatable with MLS).
Since this type of therapy works with inflammation and tissue growth stimulation as well, you wouldn’t only be experiencing pain relief from your foot but also other layers of benefits. If you do get foot surgery, MLS can even be used afterward to help reduce swelling and heal the foot much quicker for mobility.
Even those who just have sprains or muscle soreness in the foot from sports or any other training activity can greatly benefit from MLS. In general, MLS helps in many areas of the body and in many ways, and your feet are no exception.