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Commonly asked questions

What is MLS Laser Therapy?

MLS Laser therapy is a new, exciting alternative treatment to treat, and condition such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and neuromas. Please watch our video on this website or read more about the clinical aspect of this this treatment option by clicking on MLS laser therapy listed under our common conditions on this site. This is an FDA “cleared” device within The United States. It can be used as an alternative to surgery or after surgery to speed recovery and reduce pain. This treatment modality is not covered by insurance. Please call our office to discuss cost. We offered this treatment option and packages of 6 or 12 treatments. Often 60-70% of the patient’s that we refer within our clinic for MLS Laser therapy improved significantly. Benefits include rapid relief of pain, a strong anti- inflammatory effect timely healing of sprains and strains, faster recovery after surgery.

Do we offer custom orthotics?

At Table Mountain Foot & Ankle Clinics we offer a wide array of custom foot orthotics. Our physicians’ are very experienced at diagnosing conditions and utilizing the appropriate foot orthotic to help reduce pain or resolve your problem. Orthotics are frequently utilized for a variety of foot and ankle problems. There also utilized very frequently for diabetes related conditions. All of our physicians also frequently work with other providers such as certified orthoptist and prosthetists to help you obtain the best outcome, whether it be for a simple or complex problem. We provide custom foot orthotics for all age groups. Insurance coverage for custom foot orthotics can be highly variable. Our well training staff can check with your insurance company. We offer affordable prices on custom foot when insurance does not cover them or for patients who do not have health insurance. We utilize orthotic laboratories that are of high quality. We can also often send in old orthotics for refurbishment or repair when necessary.

What types of insurance do we accept?

Accepted insurance plans: Aetna ( if HMO will need a referral from PCP for office visit and x-rays ), Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield , HMO Colorado ( Requires a referral from PCP ) , Humana ( Certain Plans ) , Cigna ( Some plans require a referral from PCP ) , Great West Cigna , Medicare ( Regular and Railroad plans ) , Medicare Supplements Plan ( i.e. AARP, Bankers Life, ETC ) , Rocky Mountain HMO , Tricare ( Standard and Tricare 4 Life ) , United Healthcare , Self Pay Patients ( Discounted Rate )

Do we offer Foot & Ankle Surgery / Ingrown toenail surgery?

Frequent questions that are reception staff often get are; do your physicians perform surgery and do you treat ingrown toenails? The answer is yes to both. All 3 physicians at our clinics are either Board Certified or Board Qualified. The podiatric foot and ankle surgeons at Table Mountain Foot & Ankle Clinics perform a very wide range of foot and ankle surgery. In addition, ingrown toenail surgery is very common. This is a simple procedure that can be done in the office the same day as the initial appointment. Our surgeons perform common procedure such as bunioneictomies, hammertoe repair, removal of cysts, fracture repair of the foot and ankle, tendon surgery , diabetes related foot surgery, wound and ulcer related surgery. Our surgeons are trained to treat common conditions such as ingrown toenails and warts with simple office procedures as well as complex surgical procedures such as reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle.