Foot cramps happen suddenly and can cause considerable amounts of pain. These cramps can happen when your foot squeezes or tenses up, but cannot relax afterward. Sometimes foot cramps can even cause the muscle to twitch and spasm. Although typically harmless, the pain is enough to make anyone want to get rid of the cramping as soon as possible. Try this method to reduce to pain once and for all!

Stretch, Stretch, and Stretch

When you start to feel your foot cramp, the best response is to stretch! Being as gentle as you can, stretch the cramping muscle by flexing your foot. To do this, you will want to point the toes of the foot affected toward the sky. You can also use your hands to help point or wiggle the toes, just as long as the muscle is being flexed. Flex your foot like this until the cramp starts to fade away and relax. If your foot is still tender and stiff after the cramp subsides, continue to lightly stretch the foot to work out the muscle further.

Other Quick Methods

Another way to reduce pain from a foot cramp is to stand up quickly and add weight to the foot. Getting up off of your chair or from laying down as fast as you can to stand may get rid of the cramp in mere seconds. Sometimes, the added weight is just enough to stop the stiffness.

Lastly, for more stubborn foot cramps, try using warm compresses. By placing a heating pad over the foot, blood flow should increase which helps it circulate to the muscle and relax it. Soaking in a warm bath tub is another option as well. Pair this with anti-inflammatory medicine, such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol, to further reduce the pain.

The next time you get that awful cramping in your foot, remember to try these methods!