Not to be treated lightly tarsal tunnel syndrome can be a very painful condition to have. A good amount of pressure applied to the posterior tibial nerve when passing through a passage called the tarsal tunnel is the main cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome. That may be a little complicated to understand, take a look at the rest of this article we promise it will help you out.

Let’s see what causes Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a condition that can appear out of nowhere and without any prior expectations of it appearing. If you experienced a recent injury the two could possibly be associated as well. A narrowed down list of causes are Diabetes, Overpronation, and frequent running. If you or a loved one is unclear on how diabetes can be related to or causing tarsal tunnel syndrome play it safe and contact your doctor.

Watching the symptoms

Pain driving from tarsal tunnel syndrome will be noticeably worse when you walk or run. Typical right? Some cases of tarsal tunnel syndrome have reported a tingly feeling in the sole of the foot. Above all the unwanted warm and almost burning feel will be located in multiple parts of your foot. Yes, simultaneously at times.

Taking Action on Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

It has been argued that any health condition should immediately be assessed by your doctor. For tarsal tunnel syndrome, we will hold up that end of the argument and recommend visiting your local podiatrist. Why? Rest and ice therapy may not be the extent of the treatment you need for a condition like tarsal tunnel syndrome. Your podiatrist will give you the complete 411 on what needs to be done to recover for your case specifically.

If any of these symptoms sound like something happening in your life, or in your foot’s life we should say. We like to say play it safe and either consult with your doctor or visit your local podiatrist.
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