Regardless of age, you can still use MLS Laser Therapy to your advantage. Our knowledgeable staff guides patients through the ease of this therapy every week and just like our patients you too can quickly relieve pain. There is a wide range of conditions that MLS Therapy can treat but to make things simple we went ahead and narrowed down the list to three conditions we feel are most common. For an even more in-depth look at MLS Laser therapy check out the official Cutting Edge website .
1. Sports Injuries
With a majority of sports risking physical contact this results in injuries every now and then. A common injury within the sports category is ankle sprains. Every athlete has a story when their foot had turned inward while playing. That inward movement (or sprained ankle) tears or stretches ligaments on the outside ankle due to its weakness. Note that MLS Therapy should not be the primary care for your sprained ankle but it will definitely help with that pain you may be feeling after the fact. Even one of our beloved Denver Broncos suffered a high ankle sprain recently.  A sprained ankle is just one example of a sports injury that causes athletes everywhere unwanted pain.
2. Arthritis
The effect that arthritis has on you may be completely different than someone else who has it as well. One symptom of arthritis can easily come and go without warning as well. However, stiffness and swelling are almost always seen with arthritis. Adding MLS Therapy to the list of treatments for this condition is becoming more popular as its technology advances. Please be sure to contact us first before considering MLS Laser Therapy to treat your arthritis condition or anything related.
3. Joint Pain 
Yes, joint pain. Being very broad that says a lot about what MLS Therapy can really do. Not every case of joint pain comes with a greater disease or condition. A great deal of this comes from physical activity and strains. Of course simple over the counter medication such as Tylenol or Advil can always be your first resort. Or it doesn’t have to be. As our patients from all around Denver have discovered, MLS Therapy works wonders for joint pain and can heal rapidly opposed to the common first resort of medication. For those who have fears of taking medication, MLS Therapy is just the answer.
Now that you have a better understanding of how MLS Therapy treats conditions you can always count on this great technology for pain relief!