The word ingrown itself already sounds painful, right? In a perfect world everything would grow correctly but for Ingrown Toenails, this is not the case. An ingrown toenail is a toenail that has grown straight into the skin instead of regularly growing overtop as we’d all wish.

Let’s See what causes Ingrown Toenails

Just about anything that applies pressure to your toenails making them curve on contact can be the initial cause of ingrown toenails. This leaves a ton of different ways that you could get an ingrown toenail. One of the common causes of ingrown toenails are shoes that are fitted too tight. In this scenario, the toe is being pressed into by the nail, over time this causes the pesky ingrown toenail. Or imagine you’re trimming your toenails with nail clippers and you cut them too close to the rounding edge. Sadly an ingrown toenail may be in your future.

Watching The Symptoms

An ingrown toenail can be identified by swelled skin that will appear red if irritated. In some instances, the ingrown toenail may have pus leakage. Many people will suspect they have an ingrown toenail when there is pain from the nail actually being there under the skin. To recap, aside from the obvious. If there are swelling and redness around that area it may be time to visit your doctor.

Taking Action On Ingrown Nails

A home-remedy type of approach is a good start before resorting to a doctor visit. So let’s begin there. Draw a bath with Luke warm water and soak your feet in the water until you feel comfort, try this a couple times a day. Following the warm bath remedy or any other at-home treatments, you try always be sure to wear comfortable shoes that will not counteract on the healing process.

If all else fails and the at home stuff just doesn’t cut it for you it’s best to schedule a visit with your local podiatrist. When you meet with a doctor their analysis of your ingrown toenail will give you a much better idea of what direction to take. Whether it be excelled at home remedies for your ingrown toenail or surgery.

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