Improving your life when living with arthritis is possible. There are 30 joints in your foot. Arthritis could impact these joints. In the event that you experience arthritis in your lower extremities, there are a number of treatments that could potentially relieve the discomfort that you’re feeling. 


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs:

There are a number of medications that do not require a prescription and are anti-inflammatory. These could help ease inflammation and pain that you’re experiencing. These treat different types of arthirtis.


Analgesics could be used to relieve the pain that you feel after foot surgery or with other discomfort in the foot. These aim to ease only pain. They could be a safer option for those who are unable to take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications. When used as prescribed, these could serve as a good option for those who need pain relief due to arthritis. 

 This medication controls inflammation. Your doctor may perscribe these.


Could serve as a viable option if the doctor needs to find what type of arthritis you have, or remove tissue that’s causing pain.

Improving Your Life When Living With Arthritis: Balancing Emotion

In the event that you are diagnosed, you may feel an onslaught of emotions include. You may feel confusion, relief, fear, shock, frustration, helplessness, guilt, resentment, hopefulness, and embarrassment. 

Your emotions and body are connected and it’s important to understand the importance of your mental health. The things that you are feeling physically are likely to impact the emotions that you feel. The opposite can happen as well, your perception of your symptoms can change based on how you’re feeling mentally. 

The first step you should take when trying to improve your condition is participating in discourse with your doctor to figure out how to minimize your symptoms. Also, try to partake in some self-care to minimize your negative emotions. A few practices could include: keeping a healthy diet, exercising, or becoming involved in activities that make you feel good. Counseling is also a very viable option. Always remember to communicate with your doctor, they are there to help.