In this video, Dr. Still gives information about custom foot orthotics. Before buying custom orthotics (which can cost up to several hundred dollars), Dr. Still encourages patients to come into the office and be evaluated by a podiatrist first. A podiatrist can perform a biomechanical exam or a radiographic exam to determine the right orthotic for your specific needs. Table Mountain Foot and Ankle has orthotics ranging from soft and accommodative for a diabetic patient, to carbon graphite for athletes and dress orthotics for women. Our practice makes orthotics from a computer scan and we utilize an orthotic laboratory. Custom orthotics are different from generic milled or injection molded orthotics, which patients can find in grocery stores. Often, orthotics in stores are designed to fit the masses, so they are not right for patients and then patients have spent too much money on something that is not going to help them. At Table Mountain Foot and Ankle, we can also evaluate if your insurance will cover custom orthotics. So, we encourage patients to come into our office to be evaluated if they are seeking custom orthotics.