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Every year people strive for a better lifestyle related to health both physically and mentally. Table Mountain Foot and Ankle Clinic is here to give you the ultimate guide on staying focused with those very important new years resolutions that can be life changing for you.
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What type of goals should you pursue?  Don’t freak out if you can’t decide on what type of health goals would be best for you specifically. A goal that one of your friends may have won’t always line up with your best interest too.  So try looking at the following:

  • Recent doctor visits: did your doctor mention something you could work on? A Diet? Taking better care of your arthritis?
  • Examine yourself: Do you feel like you could eat more fruit? Possibly start getting to bed earlier to reduce dark eye circles?
  • Ask a close family member or friend: In their opinion how could you improve your physical or mental health?

Sometimes improving your overall health goes beyond weight loss and exercise. However, if your new year’s resolution is to lose more weight then, by all means, stick with it and do not stop.
You have your goal, now what?  Now it’s time to COMMIT 100% of yourself to this goal. Remembering this commitment is not something to forget or lose throughout the year. That can be challenging for some with busy schedules or regular ones so the great team at Table Mountain Foot and Ankle clinic put an easy three-part daily commitment schedule together for you. Have a look then we will explain!
new years resolution schedule
The M, T, W, T, and F all are initials for weekdays. For this example, we didn’t include weekends. This chart is quite simple to follow. We designed it keeping in mind that most people are pressured by deadlines and being on a strict time crunch.
Wake Up: This can be any time on the morning of your day, Yes anytime. Between the time you open your eyes and lunch time. Keep in mind it would be better to commit to your health goal before lunch time.
Lunch Time: You will love this one. Anytime in the afternoon. As long is it is before evening because keeping your commitment to your new year’s goals separated is key here.
Sun Down: You can consider sundown as evening time. When you get home after work or before/after you sit down to have dinner. This is the final commitment of the day so make it count.
Following this chart allows you to commit to your new year’s resolution three different times a day to ensure it is being effective. What is so great about it? No pressure and no harsh rules. If you miss one of the three segments on accident then simply wait for the next one. Eventually you will memorize this life saver but for now, you can screenshot or download it for personal use. What is your new year’s resolution?

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