Hammertoe is a foot complication focused on the toes that as you guessed can originally resemble a hammer. It forms when there is an uneven balance found between all of the ligaments, tendons, and muscles that are supposed to hold the toe in a straightforward fashion.
Your choice of footwear and other foot injuries can continue to the deformities of hammertoe.

Hammertoe Symptoms

We want to break the ice here… toes can be a little bit awkward. Everyone’s toes are different shapes and sizes. Sometimes you can mistake yourself for having hammertoe when in reality the shape of your toe is one that resembles what hammertoe may look like. The symptoms for hammertoe are actually quite simple. You may notice that you have hammertoe by the awkward bend in the middle joints of your toes. Following the obvious symptoms, corns and calluses may form on the skin rubbing up against parts of your footwear.
Primary symptoms:
Awkward Bend
This abnormal bend will be found in the middle joints of your toes with hammertoe
Corns and Calluses
Compared to your toes without hammertoe, the ones with it will have thicker/rough skin on the joints bend.

Hammertoe causes

The abnormal bend in your toe joints known as hammertoe is related to a couple different causes. With almost every type of foot and ankle complication, the causes remain nearly consistent. With footwear and injuries playing huge roles in the process. These include:
Shoes that hug your toes together near the top, not allowing them to naturally lie flat. An example of footwear that could do this is high heels.
Accidentally hurting your toe by stubbing it or injuring it in some manner can put you at higher risk for hammertoe.
Imbalance of the toe muscles
The imbalance can lead instability amongst other issues causing the toe to contract.

Treating Hammertoe

When your podiatrist or doctor is assessing your hammertoe a few things may come up in the conversation that you should know. Changing up your choice of footwear to prevent further damage and increasing the symptoms of hammertoe may be at the top of your podiatrist’s suggestion list. If it is not changing up your personal choice of footwear then orthotics can be a runner-up in similarity to that
In more of the severe cases involving hammertoe, surgery may be one of the outlooks. Play it safe and get an educated consultation by our team. Call (303) 422-6043 or schedule online at tmfa.co/visit!