Foot cramps are bothersome, yes. Super serious though? Not at all. Foot cramps can actually be diagnosed and healed in the comfort of your home. No super awesome podiatrist visit needed. Pain from a foot cramp can be small or full fledge spasms in the muscle of your foot.
Like any other cramp in your body, a foot cramp occurs when a muscle in your foot begins to squeeze and is unable to stay still.

Why do we get foot cramps?

Foot cramps and their followed spasms can strike at any time. Anytime is inconvenient for all of us too so let us take a look at the root causes of foot cramps.
Your Shoes
It seems as if the wrong shoes just make everything go wrong these days in terms of foot conditions. Rotating between footwear that varies in arch support can trigger a foot cramp.
Not Stretching
This becomes super important for athletes who may decide to skip stretching. Otherwise, if you’re on your feet a regular amount of time like everyone else then taking time to stretch throughout the day can be key here.
A bad diet is another one of those aspects of life that can affect so much. Eating too much of one food can be unhealthy and your goal should be to balance everything out with a good variety that can contribute to electrolytes.
Overdoing it
We all go too hard at it sometimes. At the gym, when we’re walking fast in a rush, and taking the kids to school. Overexertion on the feet can lead to muscle fatigue and cramps.
Being Dehydrated
All cramps including the ones you feel in your feet can be rooting from dehydration. Drink water and drink it often to avoid foot cramps in your busy life.

Getting rid of a Foot Cramp

Based off of the main points causing cramps we mentioned above there are a few things to keep in mind while avoiding them. Stay hydrated, keep a water bottle with you throughout the day or invest in an office water machine. Keep your personal nutrition balanced with a healthy diet. Pace yourself when you’re doing anything that places a lot of pressure on your feet. Following and prior to activities that require a lot of footwork make sure to always stretch. Finally, stay consistent with the footwear you choose to sport.
Keeping your feet cramp free and rid of spasms definitely extends beyond what we mentioned so far in this article. However, it is a great place to start when looking to get rid of and avoid foot cramps.
Apply pressure to the foot
Try standing up on both feet firmly to apply pressure to the foot that has a cramp. If both feet have cramps this works too. Note that this won’t work while sitting down.
Heating Pad
At stores like Walgreens, Target, and Walmart you can find heating pads that will help increase blood circulation to the muscle so that it may relax. If you’re unable to purchase a heating pad or simply don’t have one then soaking your feet in warm water can be a substitute.
While you’re in the midst of having a foot cramp try massaging or rubbing the area where the spasm is. This can be done too while stretching or even add ice to the mix for better results.
Flex your foot
Flexing your foot for certain periods at a time can relieve the foot cramps and their pain. Alternatively, you could wrap a towel or similar clothing item under the bottom of your foot, pull it towards you and point your toes towards your head.

You can Control Foot Cramps

As you can see, foot cramps can easily be controlled and prevented with a few precautionary measures. The spasms that come with foot cramps are no fun either so the tips throughout this article should suit your needs.
But if you’re still unsure about your case of foot cramps specifically and want a closer look to be sure to give us a call at (303) 422-6043 or schedule online at!