If you’re having the regular foot, heel, and lower back pain and are wanting to explore options in treating it, foot orthotics is a great place to start. Foot orthotics are a non-prescription insert for your shoe that gives you more support in your feet and heels.
These are helpful if you find it difficult to stand for extended amounts of time due to pain in the foot. They can even reduce the stress on your knees! First, let’s take a look at what can cause heel, foot, and lower back pain.
The most common causes are plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and shin splints. Just to name a few. Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes. People with this affliction often report it feels worse in the mornings. Shin splints are caused by heavy use in the muscles behind the shin causing the stressed muscles to micro tear. Tendonitis is irritation or inflammation of a tendon. Which is a think cord in the body that attaches to the bone.
These injuries can make activities as simple as walking extremely painful.
So we have now decided that orthotics may be a good choice for you, now what? Now we will look into the different types of orthotics that will suit your situation best. The first type is a Heel Seat. A heal seat is going to be placed in the rear of your shoe. If your arches aren’t particularly high or low, this is probably the orthotic for you. The next one is going to be called a Gel Heel Seat. Very similar to the heel seat but the major difference here is this one is made of gel. If your feet are sensitive or you are experiencing more pain with the regular heel seat, the gel seat is going to be a great alternative. Finally, we also have the full-length heel seats with arch support. If you experience most of the pain in the arch of your foot, you should look into getting the full-length supports.
Wearing your new orthotics with the right kind of shoes is important! When looking for shoes that pair well with them, you should consider a snug shoe size, comfort, and shoes that already have some type of support. Wearing a shoe that is far too large, or made with no support (skater shoes) will counter any relief you could get from orthotics in the first place.
Just because a shoe already has souls or supports in it doesn’t mean you need to throw them out. Most shoes are very accommodating of the orthotic inserts. It is also important to remember that it is not an overnight solution.
You may feel more comfort or relief as soon as you wear them, but it can also take some time for your body to adjust to them. Give yourself about two weeks to fully adjust to these new changes in your feet.
We heavily consider using foot orthotics if you’re tired of pain in your feet when trying to run, stand or even walk. When pain interferes with our daily life, it can feel like it is throwing off your potential and ability to complete your tasks to your fullest potential. Be sure to speak to your podiatrist to see which one would be the best fit for you. People often think that there is a deeper more hideous underlying cause to their discomfort in the feet. But more times than not a simple heel seat could make a world of difference. Do away with your foot pain today!