Sprained Ankle – Keeping It Under Control

The biggest downfall of a sprained ankle is this awful injury can happen at any time. Sprained ankles mostly occur during sporting activities but are very common in everyday activities too. You could be getting your shop on at the local mall and BOOM just like that rolls or twists in an awkward and painful way leaving you with what we call a sprained ankle. In more technical terms a sprained ankle is an injury to a ligament and give great support to your bones. Ligaments on the outside of your ankle are the ones typically affected when you do sprain your ankle. Now in the case that you do have a sprained ankle you’re going to want to keep the swelling and pain to an absolute zero if possible and by zero we mean as if it were not there.

Sprained Ankle Treatment Method 1

Be absolutely still. This would mean if you sprained your ankle hitting it too hard at the gym on the treadmills then it’s probably a good idea to stay off of the treadmills until things clear up for you. So add that to the list of DO NOT DOS. Rest as much as you can because of the less pressure and irritation to the foot then the better off you will be. The use of crutches would be a good choice as well for a few days following the injury.

Sprained Ankle Treatment Method 2

You may have already guessed this but good old Ice will also be one of your safe options for the first few days following your sprained ankle injury. You can easily make an ice pack by wrapping the ice cubes in a shirt or towel. Avoid applying the ice directly to your skin without a shirt or towel as it could damage your skin. Leaving the ice on there for 8-30 Minutes periodically will do the trick.

Sprained Ankle Treatment Method 3

This treatment method will really help with reducing the swelling on your sprained ankle and that is keeping it elevated. This is easy because it can be done during the sprained ankle treatment method 1 while you are just sitting around relaxing or maybe watching your favorite show on Netflix. Keeping your sprained ankle at about waist level is a good area of elevation.

Sprained Ankle Treatment Method 4

Using bandage wrap as a compression wrap will also limit swelling along with the sprained ankle treatment method 4 we mentioned before this one. It is good to make sure that the compression wrap is firm but not too tight to where it is cutting off any circulation of blood. You can ask your doctor or a local pharmacist on what size of bandage you may need for your sprained ankle before actually applying the wrap to yourself or a loved one.

Remember it is always good to see a doctor just in case when you have a sprained ankle. Contact us on our website to schedule a visit!