Does wearing socks to bed make you sleep better? We have the answer

Let’s end the debate about whether or not wearing socks to bed is better for your sleep or not. There is quite the fuss online about it, but no real conclusion on which side is right. So, what’s the truth? Read to hear both sides of the argument, and what the final verdict is.

Keeping Your Socks On

Your feet can get cold at night, even with a blanket on in bed. The main argument for keeping your socks on to bed is warmth. If your feet are left to be cold at night, less blood circulates and causes discomfort. Therefore, socks can help regulate your temperature and keep your toes warm at night. Socks made from wool or cashmere have been the most recommended by those who go to bed with them on. If you do wear socks to bed to keep warm, make sure the socks are not too tight or else your feet can become constricted and hinder circulation.

Another argument supporting wearing socks to bed is to prevent cracked heels. Wearing cotton material socks after moisturizing can help prevent your skin from dying out, and is a trick people claim to work.

Taking Your Socks Off

Although keeping your socks on may keep you warm, this can also mean your body temperature rises too much making you get hot and uncomfortable. This also can lead to sweaty feet, which is bad to have damp socks on all night. Nobody wants smelly, damp feet when they wake up in the morning!

Wearing socks to bed can just cause discomfort in general, as socks may cause claustrophobia from the fabric being on your feet all night. Plus, too tight of socks can actually hinder your circulation instead of regulating it.

The Final Verdict

There are compelling arguments for both sides on whether your socks could really give you better sleep or not. The truth is, wearing socks to bed is all personal preference. Everyone is different and may find the extra layer either comforting or annoying. Keep doing what works best for you, because ultimately you know what is most comfortable for your feet.