Protecting Your Feet This Summer

When summer finally rolls in, it means less time indoors and time to pack our winter clothes away. However, don’t let summer get in the way of your pediatric health. Here are a few tips on keeping your feet protected and healthy this summer.


Choosing your designated summertime footwear is important because what you wear on your feet can really impact their health. People often gravitate toward sandals or flip-flops during warmer weather, which isn’t innately bad but if the shoes are made of cheap materials and lack support, it can be damaging to your feet. When buying shoes such as flip-flops, invest in getting good ones that are cushioned and give your arch support.

Otherwise, if you wear flip-flops or sandals that are completely flat, your arch and heel will ache over time. Even if you are wearing tennis shoes, this rule still applies.

You can be inserted into your shoes separately that help with the support that may be lacking. This is especially important for the summer because you are more likely to be active and running around, which puts a strain on your feet. It is also important to note that being barefoot in the summer can be dangerous, in particular when walking around on harsh cement or sidewalks. When going out of the house, have a least one layer of protection on your feet.

Another thing to keep in mind with footwear is to avoid wearing old shoes or shoes that do not fit. Old shoes that are worn down can cause blistering and sores on your feet and the same goes for tighter footwear. Keep in mind that in warmer weather, your feet swell a little bit, which makes them bigger and can be a problem if you are wearing smaller shoes. Avoid blistering and being uncomfortable by keeping your footwear selection up to date and new this summer.


Although it’s common knowledge that we should wear sunscreen in the summer, most people forget to apply it on their feet as well. If you are wearing flip-flops or are barefoot, the sun’s rays damage the exposed skin on your feet. This can cause sunburn and even blistering, thus causing major discomfort and damage to your skin. When applying sunscreen to your feet, make sure to cover your toes and all of the top of your foot and ankle.

It’s also important to reapply sunscreen on after being in the water, such as coming out of the pool and back into the sun. Protect your feet and wear sunscreen this summer!

Moisture and Hydration

Due to the warmer weather conditions in the summer, your feet are way more prone to drying out. To avoid dry skin on your feet, apply lotion after you shower. This will lock in the moisture and prevent them from drying out as easily. However, avoid wearing wet socks or wet shoes because the moisture can cause fungal infections or irritate your feet. Don’t leave the pool in wet shoes!

Drinking water is, of course, healthy for many reasons, even more so in the summer, but staying hydrated benefits your feet as well. Being hydrated reducing swelling in your feet and also keeps your skin from drying out.

Footcare and Pedicures

Treat yourself every once and awhile this summer and get a pedicure. You can do it from the comfort of your own home or splurge and get it professionally done, but either way, it will help keep your feet healthy and looking extra nice. Pedicures remove unwanted dead skin and help to moisturize your feet, even including your heels. However, do not wear nail polish constantly or else the nail bed will not have any time to breath. Give your toenails periods of time without being painted.

Even though we love to show off our cute toenail polish in the summer, keep in mind that our nails still need to breath.

Have a great summer!