healing cracked feet

Healing Cracked Feet

Dry and cracked feet have multiple levels of uncomfortability in our lives. For most of us that dry and cracked skin can become bothersome when we put on socks. The skin sticks to the fabric. It could feel like putting a cashmere robe on a lizard. Not necessarily a painful thing but uncomfortable.

It is possible that you don’t actually have cracked feet and it’s just a patch of skin that needs to be moisturized and exfoliated. So how exactly can you tell if you have cracked feet?

Rough surface
In the beginning of having cracked feet, a rough feeling to your skin will become apparent. This happens early on and is nothing to fret over but be sure to keep an eye on.

Urge to itch
If you do indeed have cracked feet and they began to form you will start wanting to itch them as the feeling comes from tightening skin.

Winter is not fun
During the drier seasons like winter, your rough and cracked feet will become worse compared to the more moist seasons.

These are some of the more common symptoms and signs of cracked feet but others can become obvious too. If you’re not sure whether or not you have cracked feet or a few dry blemishes try consulting with your local podiatrist.

How did I get cracked feet?

When someone has dry and cracking feet the causes are usually pretty similar across the line. Some are at higher risk due to their lifestyle and some can make a few changes to easily avoid the pain that comes along with cracked feet.

If you washed dishes the old-fashioned way before dishwashers you know that bare hands on some soaps crack your hands. If it doesn’t crack your hands it at least makes them dry. In excess, it’s the same way with your feet and can lead to cracks in them. Hopefully, you don’t use dish soap to wash your feet but there are plenty of body washes that can dry out the feet if not properly moisturized.

Bad diet
When we say bad diet we are referring to obesity. Your feet need to be capable enough to handle the full mass of your body. Sadly for many people, this is not the case and your feet may begin to crack considering all the weight. This isn’t anything to be ashamed of either, you should consider a weight loss program.

Growing older is natural and there isn’t anything we can do about it. As we age we tend to lose a lot of essential oils that used to be in our skin when we were younger that simply aren’t there anymore. With that said sometimes cracked feet are inevitable.

We have highlighted some of the more common causes of cracked feet. There are more we didn’t mention that could be causing your cracked feet but it’s best to consult with your doctor if you’re unsure.

Taking care of cracked feet at home

Great. We now have a good understanding of causes and symptoms pertaining to cracked feet. Time for an in-depth look at some of the best cost effective at home remedies that don’t require any medications. Here are four of the best and most popular ways to treat cracking feet right from the comfort of your home.

Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)
Vaseline works wonders for dry skin in general. From chapped lips to eczema on parts of the body. Apply the Vaseline to your feet after a warm bath or shower for the best results.

Oddly enough milk has some great ingredients (hydroxy and lactic acid) that provide benefits to the skin. Try adding one cup of milk to a foot bath and let them soak for 10-15 minutes.

Coconut Oil
You can apply coconut oil to your feet in the morning or evening depending on your schedules. It is best applied after they have been soaked in a foot bath or regular bath. Apply the oil and let them sit in clean socks for a few hours.

Pumice Stone
If you have never heard of Pumice Stone it is a beautiful thing. It is formed when hot lava hardens by meeting water and outcomes Pumice. First off make sure to bathe the skin in warm water. Then gently rub the stone over the area of dry or cracked skin.

Your podiatrist can also recommend some great at home remedies for cracked and dry skin. Remember that whatever you do that you should find consistency in it so that the cracked skin can fully heal.

Is your cracked and dry skin still bothering you? Some home treatments can become stagnant and it’s okay to seek help from a podiatrist. Our team would love to speak with, just call us at (303) 422-6043 or schedule online at tmfa.co/visit!