Easy tips for taking care of your stubbed toe

No one likes stubbing their toe. The sharp, throbbing pain experienced afterward can be intense. In fact, some say that stubbing your toe is one of the worst sensations to feel. The reason stubbing your toe, even minorly, all has to do with the anatomy. Our toes have a lot of nerve receptors that go off after the impact of hitting your toe. Not only that, but your skin, nail, and bone get hit as well. In a severely stubbed toe, your bone can even break.


Most minor stubbed toes only give you pain symptoms for a few seconds or minutes after. However, if after hitting your toe you still are experiencing discomfort, there are a few at home care tips you can use. Home care for a stubbed toe is very simple, and will help heal most minor stubbed toes.

The best method for this type of injury is to keep the toe iced periodically and to keep some compression on it with a wrap. Remember to never place the ice directly on the skin, instead using a towel as a barrier. Keep that foot rested and elevated for awhile too, which helps reduce swelling and pain symptoms. 

For further pain relief, over the counter medication is another option. Medications such as Advil, Tylenol, or Aleve can all help reduce inflammation.

When To See a Doctor

Even though a stubbed toe may seem like too see a doctor, your toe is still able to take severe injury from impact. After stubbing your toe, check for several signs to assess the severity. If the toe is noticeably deformed, discolored, cold to the touch, or prohibits you from walking, then you should see a doctor.  In some cases, an X-ray is taken and your doctor may recommend a boot to protect the toe.


There are a few things you can do in order to protect your toes from feeling that awful pain. First of all, never walk around barefoot because your feet will have zero protection. When wearing shoes, make sure they are closed-toe shoes and have appropriate protection for the activity you are doing. And of course, be as mindful as possible of objects that you may potentially stub your toes on.