Caution and Beauty Surrounding Pedicures

Whether you are the type to go every once and awhile or weekly, getting a pedicure done is a nice treat. However, many people can forget that even though nothing is inherently wrong with getting a pedicure, there are potential risks and drawbacks if a pedicure is not done correctly or professionally. For example, going to the wrong salon could put you at risk for bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. Here are a few of the most common infections contracted from nail salons.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot, also known as Tinea Pedis, is a fungal infection often seen at nail salons. When you get a pedicure, the baths to dip your feet in are a breeding ground for fungus due to its moist and small environment. If the salon does not clean these baths thoroughly between clients, and a client before you had this fungal infection, you are very likely to get it as well. Athlete’s foot is uncomfortable and itchy, so it would be the last thing you’d want walking out of the salon with.


Another common risk is the contagious virus HPV, which is what causes warts. Warts can spread from two people interacting, and it enters or passes through the skin. For getting a pedicure, you are most at risk for plantar warts or on the top of the feet just regular warts. Since warts are extremely contagious, be sure the employee doing your pedicure is wearing plastic gloves and uses new equipment every time. Don’t go into a salon expecting to come out with beautiful feet then end up with warts!

M. Fortuitum

Mycobacterium fortuitum is the full name of this type of infection; an infection that is also known to be spread through the foot baths. If contracted, the person suffering gets large boils on their leg, foot, or toes. These boils can even end up into open sores if not healing properly on their own.The boils can be treated but the outcome is usually heavy scarring. Once again, the salon must be thorough on cleaning the baths to dip your feet in or else this infection can breed and flourish in it.

Staph Infection

Staph infection is a bacterial infection, and your feet are very prone to picking it up merely from walking on a floor. Those who have a Staph infection will have tenderness and redness of the foot but potentially can experience blisters or open sores. Since getting a staph infection is so contagious, it is a good idea to wear the cheap and disposable shoes provided for you at nail salons so you make no contact with the floor.

Overall, any environment that deals with exposed feet or hands in moist areas and shared equipment can be a huge health risk. To avoid getting any of these infections or others, make sure to do your research before going to a salon.

Look at reviews, look at reputation, and health reports. Avoid going to salons that have a record of having health issues and people reporting getting infections. You can also ask salons for their hygiene procedures, and even observe for yourself if tools are being cleaned or replaced and employees wear plastic gloves. Another option is to bring your own tools as well.

You don’t have to miss out on getting a pedicure and doing something fun for yourself, just make sure to be aware of the risks involved. Some infections are worse than others, but if you can help to avoid them by making sure you go to a professional and clean salon, that’s your best bet!