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3 Good Stretches that Relieve Foot Pain

A lot of us have trouble getting back on our feet after sitting for a while or even once we get out of bed in the morning. Your joints and soft tissue begin to tighten when there are no active movements as seen when you sit down for a long time or when you wake up to get out of bed. That is what can be the cause of foot pain for some people who have chronic foot conditions like plantar fasciitis. There are a few other foot conditions that can be the cause of foot pain but let’s focus on how to reduce that pain.

The Stretches

These stretches are meant to be quick and can be a good start to your day or something you perform in the middle of the day.

Heel Raises
Find a step that is a few inches off of the ground, to begin with. You can hold onto a rail or nearby bar for support if you feel the need. Pick one of your heels and stretch it downwards on the step for 25-30 seconds. If you feel increased pain make sure to take a break and not overdo it. The proceed to press up with the same foot for a few seconds. Most people will repeat this three times and then switch sides. You can take this great stretch on as much as you feel is right.

Heel Stretch
Find a nearby wall and begin by placing your palms flat up against it. Then place your right foot behind your left, with your leg completely straight. Now slightly bend your left leg and you will begin to feel the stretch. Once complete on your right side go ahead and switch to your left.

Foot Roller
This has been done with actual foot rollers that are meant for those with conditions like plantar fasciitis. Or it can be done with a frozen water bottle. For patients with loss of feeling in their feet due to diabetic side effects, you should avoid the ice method. However, the name speaks for itself. Sit down and place your foot on the object then roll back and forth for 4-6 minutes and switch feet.

Is stretching for you?

Stretching is for everybody and stretching can be a great start to the day. Though for some stretching can go against doctor’s orders, to avoid further injuries.

These stretches that we have mentioned are a few of the best stretches to relieve any type of foot pain that you feel during the day. Not only for the start of the day when you wake up but even when you have a free few minutes these will do justice for your foot pain.

What kind of stretches do you usually do?

Sometimes stretching isnโ€™t enough to reduce the pain in your feet. Our doctors can access the root of your foot pain. Give us a call at (303) 422-6043 or schedule online at!