3 Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Here is another awesome foot health topic for you. Today that topic is on diabetic foot care and we will be providing you with three helpful tips in order to maintain it. Correctly that is.

Stop Smoking

Smoking screams health problems all around not mentioning your diabetic foot health. As a diabetic patient, you’re already at enough risk, smoking greatly reduces the circulation in your skin. This is caused by nicotine. The absence of smoking will keep the oxygen in your blood and help you fight off infections.

Wearing Custom Orthotics

For an easier time healing sores and generally less pressure on your feet, proper foot wear is the route to go. You can speak to one of our doctors for an easier time choosing the right orthotics. The time following a healed sore or foot wound is prime for orthotics use as well.

Avoid being barefoot

Sure, bare feet sound nice here and there. As a diabetic patient, it sadly becomes a risk. Scraping your foot on a rough surface or stepping on something sharp than not noticing it until it’s too late is a common result of mishaps of diabetic foot care patients. Especially with neuropathy.

Using your best observations of pain and general condition will keep you feeling great when caring for diabetic foot care.