10 Ways Runners can keep their feet healthy

Running is a great way to keep an active and healthy lifestyle. More times than not our extremities are overlooked, even taken for granted. If you’re serious about putting on miles, then you should also be serious about taking proper care of your feet! Here are 10 ways you can keep your feet in tip top running condition.

Cleaning Your Feet

Probably the most simple and obvious method of keeping them in prime running condition is going to be just cleaning them. It is important to shower after exercise to avoid the dreaded athlete’s foot and other fungal infections that can be avoided with simple hygiene.

The Right Shoes

Let’s talk about shoes! You do not need the most expensive pair of brand name running shoes to keep yourself clocking in the miles. A shoe with thin fabric is optimal for long runs, allowing your feet to breathe and take in all the fresh air they can.

Your Shoe Size

Be aware of your shoe size. You do not want a shoe that is too small because it can cut off circulation in the foot and cause long term problems. It is also an easy way to develop an ingrown toe nail and build up blisters. Always make sure you have room for your toes and a rounded heel.


Foot Shape Consideration

Now this one is going to depend on the actual shape of your foot. A flat footed runner may choose to add supports on the inside of their shoe to alleviate back pain and make for a more enjoyable running experience. After making this simple change to my routine, I noticed a world of improvement!

Toenail Care

As simple as this may seem, this is a really important tip to keep you comfortable and on your feet. Make sure to cut your toenails properly. Don’t round the edges or make them super short. Cut them in a straight line. Not doing this can cause an awful ingrown toe nail and they are irritating and painful!

Not Sharing Footwear

This tip may also seem trivial, but it is still very important. Do not share footwear! You run a higher risk of getting a fungal infection by wearing other peoples shoes and socks. No matter how cool Sarah’s high end running shoes may be, stick to your own go-fasters.

Staying in touch with your Doctor

Know when you need to speak to your doctor. If you have a persistent problem with your foot or feet, it would be better to contact your local podiatric physician than try and solve the issue yourself. Do not make the problem worse when your doctor would be more than happy to help.

Shoes in the right places

If you are an active runner you don’t want to put your feet out of commission by not wearing proper footwear. Be sure to wear some type of shoe in places like gyms, pools, and locker rooms. These places tend to be loaded with fungi that can lead to infection.

Sock Fabrics

This tip is a bit overkill but can make a noticeable difference when running. Socks made with synthetic fibers tend to wick away moister more freely compared to wool or cotton socks. Wool is an absolute no go, those socks are built for trapping heat. Obviously, no sock or shoe has a true moisture removal system but there is certainly a difference.

There is never a better time than now to take care of yourself and your hard working extremities than now. Hopefully, these tips will help you active runners out there to keep your feet healthy and be feeling great on your next adventure! Remember, roomy shoes with plenty of support, synthetic fiber socks, and water!