UGGS and The Trend Behind Them

         UGGS are a popular company, known especially for their comfy footwear. UGG shoes have been the rave for a long time, ever since appearing on TV along with many celebrity buyers. Since UGGS rose to fame and demand, they are considered a ‘style staple’ for men and women. The most well-known item from UGGS is their classic boots. UGG boots are made from sheepskin, complete with a fluffy fleece interior. Although these popular boots are most seen in a tan color, UGGS has expanded their designs.

Wearing UGG boots is definitely a fashion statement that many people enjoy showing off. The most popular time of year that UGGS are worn is during Fall and Winter. For one, UGGS footwear, especially their classic boot, are known for being especially warm and comfy. The trend of wearing these shoes during these seasons is another big reason why you’ll see UGGS being worn. Next time you go to the pumpkin patch, notice the shoes people are wearing. You’ll see UGGS being worn for sure!

The Health Benefits

Although trendy, UGGS do have actual health benefits for your feet. The reason this footwear is so unique is because of their material–sheepskin. The company even claims their sheepskin is the highest quality available, and that they treat the fleece and the skin. High quality sheepskin is more durable than most soft shoe materials, which protects your feet unlike flimsy faux sheepskin. This cozy material will prevent the wearer from getting sores on their feet.

The sheepskin also regulates the temperature of your feet, since it is thermostatic material. Thus, maintaining them to be at room temperature despite the temperature outside. Since the temperature of your feet is regulated by the sheepskin material, your feet will be kept dry and sweat free. Getting a pair of your own UGGS is a good choice for anyone who plans on being outside in colder weather, and for those who get foot sores often.