Gout is a type of arthritis and is caused by excessive uric acid in your blood.  This can really be confusing since most of the time too much uric acid isn’t bad for you. A good majority of the time symptoms can resemble those of arthritis. Here is all you need to know about Gout!
Let’s see what causes Gout
As we had mentioned before, gout is narrowed down to excessive uric acid in the blood. The uric acid that builds can easily crystallize causing the unwanted pain or swelling in your foot. If you happen to have gout from too much uric acid built up or hyperuricemia chances are it may run in your family as well. Though there aren’t any main indicators of the cause. Obesity and alcohol in excess will increase your factors of getting gout as well. There have also been medicines noted to bring on gout.
Watching the symptoms
Extreme sensitivity to even the lightest of pressures can cause extreme uncomfort when you have gout. The intense swelling pain will often have a warm feeling and is usually felt in the big toe joint. Like any similar condition, gout will definitely get in the way of some basic movements from the joint making any regular activity more of a pain than usual. Lastly, don’t worry if there is discolored or purple skin around the joint. This is also common with gout.
Taking action on Gout
First and foremost if you believe you have any of the symptoms listed above consult with one of our doctors before coming to any conclusions on what direction to take. Our doctors will find the best option to prevent future gout attacks. The treatment for gout that our doctors will provide will depend upon the nature of the gout attacks. Whether you’re dealing with acute ones or aiming to fix long-term complications. Following a visit with one of our doctors, you will have a path to take which could be surgery, medication, basic at home remedies or all! You’ll be in good hands.
Even if the pain from suspected gout has stopped it is still a good idea to schedule a visit with one of our doctors. This is, of course, to prevent future pain and receive an in-depth analysis of the situation. Gout builds up over a long period of time and sometimes you may not be aware that you have gout until an attack occurs. Now keep an eye out for those gout symptoms and take it easy!
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