Podiatrists often use orthotics to treat foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis or flat feet. In general, orthotics are made to help reduce foot pain and increase function in the feet. That’s why these shoe inserts are great to have while you go about your daily life to help ease and prevent any discomfort. Here’s a list of four activities that orthotics definitely make better!

 5k Races

Whether you go take it easy and walk, or if you are competitive and try for your best time, a 5k race puts strain on your feet. Paired with a good pair of running shoes, orthotics will protect you from such strain. In fact, orthotics can also prevent injury while walking or jogging due to added support. People who have poor foot mechanics are more at risk of injury, especially during a race.

Another bonus of wearing orthotics during a 5K is that they can actually reduce fatigue. Even after a mile or two, you can experience substantial fatigue. Through proper alignment and support due to orthotics, your body will be less likely to tire out so quickly.

Grocery Store Shopping

Going grocery shopping is a chore most people dread, especially when it starts to become a workout after circling the aisles a dozen times. Instead of living with suffering feet everytime it’s time to shop, use orthotics to help reduce and prevent it. Plus, shopping may even become speedier since your feet won’t be as tired!

 The Zoo

The last thing you want to worry about during a fun day at the zoo is how bad your feet hurt. The zoo typically requires a lot of walking and standing, which over the span of almost an entire day can cause severely sore, fatigued feet. Orthotics will improve your zoo experience by taking the worry away about whether your feet are going to hinder your walking or not. Those with flat feet will especially benefit, as arch support is key in preventing soreness.


If you work a physically demanding job, or you find yourself even standing a lot during the work day, orthotics can be a real life saver. Not only will they help your shift be more bearable because your feet will be comfortable, but shoe insets can also allow you to end the shift still feeling good.

The options and activities that orthotics can improve are endless. Incorporating them into your daily life, especially for my straining activities, can make a huge difference for your feet.